Bailee Corrects Vision Thanks to KidSight

Bailee zips down the slide in her tinted transition eyeglasses.Whether it’s playing with her big sister Hayden, Buddy the pony, or their three dogs, Bailee loves to be outside going full speed. She likes to do things for herself and loves to play, talk and joke around. “Her father and I often say she has quite the sense of humor for a 3-year-old,” said Brandin, Bailee’s mom. With her active play and ability to already pick out letters and numbers in books, Bailee didn’t show any obvious signs of difficulty with her sight. When KidSight came to her daycare in January for a vision screening, Brandin was happy to let Bailee participate. It was this very screening that identified Bailee with a potential vision problem.

When Brandin received a KidSight referral letter from Bailee’s daycare after the screening, she called to learn more. “I learned that even as a health care professional myself, there were no signs that I noticed that her vision was bad,” said Brandin, who is a nurse. “The doctor said, often times, kids are used to poor vision so they don’t know any different to say anything. That was truly the case with my daughter, Bailee.”

Bailee holds up her craft project alligator while wearing her glasses.Bailee’s eye doctor determined her vision was 20/60 and prescribed glasses to correct her vision. Bailee has done a great job in wearing her glasses and taking responsibility for them. “The eye doctor informed me that her eye sight was bad enough that once she wore glasses and was able to see a lot better she probably wouldn’t fight them – the doctor was right!” said Brandin.

Now that she’s in glasses, Bailee often comments that things look bigger and notices details she couldn’t see before.  “I think this could impact her education greatly. I know that kids can fall behind with learning and school activities if they don’t have clear vision to participate in class activities,” said Brandin. “I think healthy vision is critical to Bailee’s learning, writing, and reading, which are tools she will need for the rest of her life.”

Brandin appreciates Bailee’s daycare participating in the KidSight vision screening. “I am forever grateful to KidSight for performing these screenings and performing them correctly so that my daughter was able to get glasses early in her life before she fell behind in school or had any difficulties learning due to poor eyesight.” 

Because of their experiences, Brandin encourages other parents to let their children participate in KidSight screenings when they are offered in their communities. “I have spoken with a few other moms [at Bailee’s daycare] with kids even younger than my daughter who also ended up getting glasses as a result of the KidSight screening. I would say that this one visit to our daycare saved several kids’ eye sight!”