Free Back-to-School Vision Screenings to be Held at St. Louis Science Center, August 2 and 3

St. Louis (July 28, 2014) – KidSight will offer freevision screenings at the St. Louis Science Center on August 2 (9:30-3:00) and August 3 (11:00-3:00). Late summer is a perfect time for parents to get their children’s vision evaluated. It’s estimated that 80 percent of learning occurs through the eyes, so healthy vision is essential to success in the classroom. Eye doctors recommend that children receive an eye exam before starting grade school. Children with vision or learning problems should get exams earlier. So in addition to buying school supplies and clothes, parents should also make sure their children start the school year off with the vision they need to succeed.

KidSight staff and Lions club volunteers at the St. Louis Science Center will help identify children with vision problems through quick, painless, and noninvasive vision screenings. No appointment is necessary. Parents will immediately receive the screening results: either a “pass” or “refer” report. Parents whose children are referred (i.e., detected as high-risk for vision problems) will be urged to take their children to an eye doctor for examination and treatment. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vision loss is “the most prevalent disabling [condition] among children.” Children often adapt to vision problems or lack the ability to express them, so parents usually don’t know there’s a problem. To identify problems and prevent their children from falling behind in school, parents should follow eye doctor recommendations for childhood eye exams.

KidSight screens approximately 45,000 children in Missouri each year free of charge. Using portable screening equipment, KidSight technicians screen for the most common causes of childhood vision loss, including amblyopia (“lazy eye”). They visit childcare facilities, Head Starts, community events and other child-friendly venues. Parents, daycare directors and community event organizers can request a free screening online or call 855-4KIDSIGHT.