Jayce's Story

Jayce reading a book in his new glasses.Four-year-old Jayce is a mover and a shaker. He’s active, outgoing and picks up on new ideas quickly. He also loves playing sports like baseball and wrestling and enjoys using electronics and video games. Nothing makes him happier than hanging out with his big brother, who is 14 years older.

With his eye-hand coordination and active play, his mom Tracy was surprised when a KidSight vision screening at his preschool identified Jayce with a potential vision problem. When Tracy received the KidSight referral packet from his preschool, she called KidSight to ask questions Jayce having his eyes checked by a KidSight vision screening technician. and confirm what she was seeing in Jayce’s referral. “I just wanted more information and Sonja (KidSight screening technician for St. Louis) put my mind at ease,” said Tracy. She scheduled a full eye exam with an optometrist and Jayce was prescribed glasses.

“I learned that Jayce was nearsighted and that his eye sight would have gotten worse quickly had we not gotten him the help he needed,” said Tracy.

Since getting his glasses, Tracy has noticed that Jayce does a great job hitting the ball in baseball, doesn’t squint as much, and doesn’t sit as close to the TV and other screens. “He will be just starting Kindergarten this year so I feel like we caught this right in time to help his education,” said Tracy. “Healthy vision is very important and I feel like being able to see clearly will help him function properly.”

Tracy has been a huge advocate for KidSight since Jayce was screened. She encourages other parents to have their child’s vision screened by KidSight in their community. “I am so glad I signed the form for Jayce to be screened and that as soon as I got the folder I was able to get him into an eye doctor. The screening was right and he needed glasses,” said Tracy.

“The staff at KidSight were so nice and helpful. I can't thank them enough for doing a great job with my son!”