KidSight Screening Leads to Early Detection of SEMO Toddler's Vision Problem

Two-year-old Libby throws a dance party with her sisters. She doesn't miss a beat as they jump and shake around the living room. Libby is now confident and outgoing but her mother, Kate, remembers a time when she was shy and more reserved.

KidSight provided free vision screenings at Libby’s daycare in Southeast Missouri. Her parents did not have any concerns about her vision – she was just a toddler and hadn’t shown any signs of a problem. Her mother said, “We honestly did not know that there were any issues at all with her vision until this point. She is quite young, and we would not have thought to take her to an eye doctor until her kindergarten check-up.” After the screening, they were surprised to get a call from their daycare provider telling them about the referral. “The director emailed me before the end of the day to let me know that the screening had caught something abnormal and there would be a report in her cubby to pick up.”

Libby’s mother immediately scheduled an appointment with a local optometrist. At the appointment, they found out that she is farsighted in both eyes – with her left eye being much worse. She was prescribed glasses to correct the issue. The doctor told them that she would have been at risk for vision loss if the problem had gone undetected. Since being prescribed glasses, Libby has become more talkative and outgoing. Her mother said, “She seems to have come out of her shell some. Even the next day after she got them they mentioned at the daycare that her confidence level has gotten much higher. She loves them because she gets so many compliments on them.”

Many children who have vision problems, like Libby, cannot verbalize that they are having trouble seeing. To them, their vision may seem “normal” since it is all they have ever known. KidSight screenings alert parents of issues that would have otherwise gone undetected. Kate said, “I think all parents want their children to be the best they are able to be, and at times they don’t know how to communicate there is a problem.” Kate is now urging all of her friends to have their children screened. “I have told anyone who has young kids that will listen about this program, and get many questions on how we knew something was wrong because Libby is so young. This is truly a blessing to anyone who gets this opportunity…”


Thanks to the support of generous donors, KidSight provides free vision screenings for children 6 months to 6 years to ensure children have the healthy vision they need to succeed in school. You can help prevent vision loss for children like Libby by supporting our work.

Learn more about the organization, including how to volunteer, find a screening near you, or request a screening at your local childcare facility by visiting our website.