Lions' Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Is KidSight still a part of Saving Sight?

No. KidSight became a separate nonprofit (501c3) in June of 2016, with its own Board of Directors. The Saving Sight Board of Directors approved the change in April 2016 in order to better position KidSight for sustainability. While separate, Saving Sight continues to provide non-monetary support to KidSight.

How can I help make sure all children in Missouri get screened?

The biggest impact you can make to ensure KidSight’s sustainability is to donate. Give personally, make sure your Club gives, and ask businesses in your community to give. The second biggest impact is to volunteer. KidSight is looking for volunteer screeners (technicians) and assistants. Visit our volunteer page to find more details on how you can volunteer in your community.

How should I address the checks?

Starting in July of 2017, we are asking that all gifts for children’s vision screening be made out to KidSight. KidSight relies heavily on donations to sustain our operations and every gift makes a difference. You can also make a donation online by clicking HERE. If your Club intends the gift to go to the eye bank and not KidSight, write it out to Saving Sight.

What is happening with the giving awards, like Haywood Snipes?

KidSight will be rolling out new KidSight-specific tiered awards in 2018. We are contacting Clubs to finish any outstanding awards before going to the new structure. KidSight would like to honor the history and commitment of the Lions throughout this process. You can contact our Director of Development, Tim Russell, for more information. (314-584-1713)

I heard that KidSight is no longer screening in my community. Is this true?

No, KidSight never stopped screening; we have just changed how we communicate our screenings. KidSight screened over 67,000 children throughout the state of Missouri in FY 2016-2017! You can visit our calendar to see cities/towns where we are screening and when. You can also sign up to be a volunteer, to receive our volunteer newsletter and to receive detailed information on specific screening sites near you.

Where can I see more detailed numbers about KidSight’s past screenings?

If you would like to see how many children KidSight screened and referred in your district and county in FY16-17, just download the informational sheet for your district from the Lions page.

Has any of KidSight’s information changed?

Yes. Here is how to reach KidSight directly:


Facebook: @KidSightMO

Toll Free Phone: 1-877-4KIDSIGHT (1-877-454-3744)


Where are KidSight offices located now?

We are still in the same office locations as before. We have technicians in Columbia, Kansas City, Poplar Bluff, St. Louis and Springfield. Individual staff phone numbers and emails remain the same. Saving Sight has pledged to continue to provide office space and administrative services like Accounting and HR until KidSight is fully independent.


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