Parts of the Eye

Your eyes are amazing

Whether brown, green or blue

They help you to learn

Whatever the hue.

The pupil is the black part of your eye

It lets all the light inside. 

The iris gives your eyes color

and tells the pupil how much light to discover.

The sclera is the white part of your eye

that protects everything inside.

Your eyelids also protect your eyes

And let you close them to sleep at night.



Eat Right for Healthy Sight

The food you eat can help your eyes.

Can you name the ones that Seymour tries?

Fruits and veggies that're orange and green

will help your eyes stay strong and keen.

Which foods are good for your eyes?
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For Parents & Educators

Our eyes are wonderful and complex. Use the information above to teach your children how their eyes work. Here are some tips for you:

  • A healthy diet promotes healthy vision, especially a diet full of vegetables and fruit.
  • Children should receive an exam from an eye doctor before starting school. Children found to have learning or vision problems should get exams earlier. The earlier a vision problem is found, the better it can be treated.
  • To find a kid-friendly eye doctor near you, try our Eye Doctor Search Tool

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