Make the Impact of a Lifetime

A KidSight screening can have an incredible cumulative impact over a child’s lifetime – from developing social skills in preschool, to participating in educational and extracurricular opportunities in grade school, to choosing a career in adulthood. Become a part of that impact and show your support on Giving Tuesday, November 30th!

Help prevent childhood vision loss.

Every $8.00 you give supports a vision screening and follow-up care for a Missouri child. This screening can help detect vision problems early and prevent a lifetime of possible vision loss.

KidSight Referrals

Did your child recently receive a referral from their KidSight screening? Please complete our online follow-up survey. Your answers will help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of KidSight. Any information you provide will be greatly appreciated and kept confidential.

Vision Screenings for Healthy Vision

Amblyopia, commonly known as “lazy eye,” and other frequent causes of vision loss in children can usually be treated successfully if they are identified and treated at an early age. That’s why the KidSight program visits childcare facilities and child-friendly events throughout the state to screen for vision problems free of charge. Using a Plusoptix photoscreening device, our trained technicians quickly and noninvasively take a picture of each child’s eyes, and the device produces an immediate “pass” or “refer” result. For children who receive a “refer” report, we strongly encourage the parents to take these children to eye doctors for professional examination and any necessary treatment. KidSight provides parents with timely, accurate, and free health information so they can preserve their children’s sight.

Healthy vision is essential to cognitive growth and success in school. So KidSight is partnering with the Missouri Optometric Association and other Missouri eye doctors to develop a network of eye care providers for the children that KidSight detects to be at risk for vision loss. When children can see better, they can do better in school, too!

The American Optometric Association and the American Academy of Ophthalmology both recommend that children receive professional eye examinations before starting school. You can search for a child-friendly eye doctor in your area using our new Eye Doctor Search Tool.

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