Become a KidSight Volunteer

We’re eager for you to get involved with KidSight. Our Volunteer Program is intended to expand services, promote public awareness, and engage individuals in the mission of detecting childhood vision problems early.  We currently have two volunteer positions open: Volunteer Screening Technician and Volunteer Screening Assistant. You can learn about volunteering with KidSight by reviewing our Volunteer Handbook. Below are the next steps to becoming a KidSight Volunteer:

Step 1: Complete a Volunteer Application

KidSight is now accepting Volunteer Application.  This application allows us to get to know you as an individual and your interests as a volunteer. There is no cost associated to submit the application. Once completed, you can email your application to

Step 2: Complete a Criminal Background Check

As our programs grow, volunteer applications and criminal background checks allow us to provide transparency and credibility to the daycares, schools, and Head Start centers that we serve. Once we receive your application with completed background check sections, we will submit a criminal background check on your behalf. All of your personal information will be kept confidential.

Step 3: Schedule Your Volunteer Training

KidSight is dedicated to providing training opportunities for both staff and volunteers. Training for Volunteer Screening Assistants can be done online or via telephone and should take about 20 minutes. Volunteer Screening Technicians will require more extensive training over several months. We will schedule your training after you complete the application and background check.

After completing Steps 1-3, we will mail your KidSight Volunteer Badge. We ask that you proudly wear this badge to all of the screenings that you attend.

Step 4: Check Out the KidSight Calendar to See Upcoming Events!

Visit our Calendar to see upcoming public and private events in your community. Ready to volunteer? Just contact your local KidSight Technician or call us at 1-855-454-3744.

Still have questions about volunteering with KidSight? Feel free to Contact Us!