Careers with KidSight

Looking for a career where you can make a difference in the lives of others as a part of a talented team?
Check out our openings below!

How can you get experience if no jobs will hire people without it?  The answer is VISTA service! VISTA service is a one-year opportunity to build skills while you make the world a better place.  KidSight is currently hiring for 3 VISTA positions.  These VISTAs will be a part of the larger Literacy Kansas City VISTA program and placed at KidSight. 

KidSight’s team is made of positive and eager people who enjoy the challenge of our work. VISTAs are an important part of our small but mighty team. KidSight cares about our VISTAs and their future careers.  We will help you plan for your next step in an inclusive and nurturing environment; all while developing important skills that change the world for the better. You will be able to see the difference your service makes in the lives of the children we screen and the health of KidSight. 

Current Openings

VISTA Fundraising Specialist

The VISTA Fundraising Specialist will KidSight’s capacity by improving the fundraising program and processes with a focus on writing. The VISTA will work with KidSight’s executive director to enhance KidSight’s fundraising communications strategy and grant strategy. Read the position description HERE

VISTA Outreach Specialist

The VISTA Outreach Specialist will build KidSight’s capacity by developing a sustainable outreach program that builds on our network of eye doctors and supporting partners. The Outreach Specialist will reach out to organizations in order to create more partnerships. Read the position description HERE.

VISTA Volunteer Specialist

The VISTA Volunteer Specialist will build the capacity of KidSight by developing the volunteer recruitment and training program. The Volunteer Specialist will learn all aspects of KidSight’s volunteer program in order to make the program more effective. Read the position description HERE.