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Why KidSight?

KidSight is the only statewide vision screening program in Missouri. In the 2018-2019 school year, we provided screenings for over 67,000 children across the state. We provided screenings in 108 of MO’s 114 counties. In addition, we referred 4,496 children to a local eye care provider for a full, dilated eye exam. Here at KidSight, our goal is that EVERY child we refer accesses vision care. We work with families to assist them in finding and paying for care.  Becoming a KidSight sponsor means supporting children and schools in your local community.  Sign up today and make sure your practice is recognized by your community as a premier pediatric vision provider!  

Why Partner?

Your sponsorship will help promote healthy eyesight for all children in need. It also provides community recognition that can drive more KidSight referrals to your practice. As a result, more families will know that they can rely on you for their child’s care. KidSight has two options for partnering with us- choose one or both!

Become a Preferred Partner and join KidSight’s Vision Care Network. Practices who participate will provide a limited number of free or reduced-cost services to children referred by KidSight (KidSight works with the Essilor Foundation to provide free eyeglasses) and be listed as a “Preferred Partner” on our website directory and printed referral lists. You decide how many children you will see at your practice. KidSight works with the family to prove need, get all necessary permissions, and make sure that they can get to your office.  KidSight will also provide you with the screening results of each child we refer. 

Become a KidSight Sponsor

KidSight sponsors are guaranteed to be specially listed on our county referral lists, and on our website’s “Find a Doctor” tool. Take advantage of the great benefits we have to offer and become a KidSight Sponsor today.  

"I sponsor KidSight because I have the same passion to help these children as KidSight does. KidSight referrals make my day and put a smile on my face every time I see one of these children walk in our doors. KidSight is making a difference in our community and I know they are making the same difference in your community."

– Dr. Kory Thoma, O.D., Leet Eyecare in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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