Visit An Eye Doctor

Visit an Eye Doctor

An eye doctor can check what your eyes need
To help you see, all you can see.
They have special tools for you to look through
That tells them how to improve your view.

Seymour’s eye doctor said he needed glasses,
and other children help their eyes with patches.
Seymour thinks good sight is cool,
and thanks to KidSight, he does great in school.

Find an Eye Doctor in Missouri

Seymour has a helpful tool
to find an eye doctor near you.
Just click this link and you will see
just how easy it can be.





For Parents & Educators

Eye care professionals estimate that 80% of learning occurs through the eyes, so healthy vision is necessary for success in school. If your child received a referral from KidSight, be sure to take him/her to the eye doctor as soon as possible for a full, dilated eye exam and any necessary treatment. Early detection and treatment of problems is the key to healthy vision.

Above is a search tool that KidSight created to help parents find a child-friendly eye doctor near them. If you have any questions about the search tool, want more information about your child’s referral, or just want help finding eye care in your area, please call us at 573-777-8567 or toll-free at 855-4KIDSIGHT. We’d love to hear from you.

Eye doctors recommend that all children receive an eye exam before starting grade school. Children with learning problems, vision problems, or a family history of childhood vision problems should get exams earlier.

To read about children whose lives were changed by a referral from KidSight, visit our KidSight Success Stories page.

If your child recently participated in a free vision screening conducted by KidSight, please take a moment to fill out a survey? Your answers will help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of KidSight. Any information you provide will be greatly appreciated and kept confidential.

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