Kenshin is a fun loving preschooler who enjoys building with Legos and playing with his friends at the park. He and his family attended a Family Fun Fair his in community last spring.  His parents didn’t have any concerns but decided to stop at the KidSight Vision Screening booth anyway.

After his vision screening, Kenshin’s parents were surprised to learn that he was being referred for a possible vision problem. Like many children with vision problems, Kenshin had adapted without any complaints. Kenshin’s parents were emotional and shocked because they had no idea that there was an issue – he had passed previous vision screenings!

Kenshin’s parents immediately scheduled an appointment with their family eye doctor. They discovered that Kenshin needed glasses to correct his vision problem. Ten days later, they picked up his glasses. When Kenshin tried them on he said, “Wow, I can see!”

Kenshin loves his glasses! When he started wearing his new glasses, he received compliments from his teachers and other people around him. Kenshin is now able to concentrate longer while learning and doing visual activities. Kenshin’s mom, Rita, said, “Seeing better has helped Kenshin function better in his environment and we believe that will improve his school performance.”

KidSight screenings can alert parents of vision issues that might otherwise go undetected. We asked Rita what advice she would give to other KidSight referral parents. She said, “Have your child treated as soon as possible. Early prevention may correct any problems before they may not be able to fix the problem.”

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