Amon is a fun loving, tender hearted, preschooler who lives for the outdoors. He loves hunting, fishing, riding four-wheelers and trying to make others laugh. Amon didn’t display any signs of a vision problem and he didn’t complain about not being able to see. But when his school sent home a note about an upcoming KidSight vision screening, his parents decided to let him participate. Amon’s mother, Heather, said, “We had not heard of this program before but agreed to have it done since several in his family require glasses and there was no charge to us.”

Amon’s screening found that he was at high risk for farsightedness, a condition that would make it difficult for him to see things at near. The same day, his parents received a detailed report of the screening and a list of next steps from KidSight. Amon’s mother immediately contacted their family eye doctor and scheduled an appointment. In that appointment, Amon was found to be extremely farsighted and was prescribed glasses. Heather was skeptical about having Amon wear his glasses. Would an active four year old wear his glasses without breaking them?

Amon’s eye doctor helped him choose kid-friendly frames and taught him how to take care of his glasses. His mom said that he has done great with his new glasses! “This has made a tremendous change in Amon wanting to sit down and write his letters or just doodle. He has done GREAT adjusting to the glasses with no breaks. If we hadn’t had this testing I am not sure how long he would have struggled.” Heather would urge all referral families to take action. She said, “…take the referral serious and get the follow up – when they are so young they can fool you.”

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