Kensington is a vibrant, active preschooler involved in soccer, dance and gymnastics. A few days before the KidSight screening at her preschool, Kensington’s parents received a form stating that the annual vision screening would occur. Her parents said, “We personally didn’t think much of it, neither of our girls had ever complained about vision issues.”
After the screening, Kensi came home with a KidSight referral packet recommending further evaluation by an eye doctor. Her screening indicated that she was developing refractive ambylopia – where one eye is stronger than the other. This referral came as a surprise to her parents as she had never displayed signs of a vision issue. Her parents said, “To be completely honest, we did not take this very seriously. Kensi never complained about her vision, not once.” Not convinced that there was an issue, her parents did some “at home” vision tests. Finally, they decided to schedule an appointment with a local eye doctor. They said, “Reluctantly, we made an appointment with a local eye doctor with every expectation she would go in, be able to identify the letters and images with ease and we would be in the clear, checking the proverbial box.”

The exam results came as a complete shock. Kensington had developed refractive ambylopia and was losing vision in one eye. Her parents said, “We were blown away. Not only was she having a hard time seeing out of her left eye, if not treated quickly, she would lose all sight from that eye forever. Her vision was 20/2000. We could not believe what we heard.” Kensi was prescribed glasses and began wearing them full-time after her eye exam. Her follow-up appointments have indicated that her eyesight has already begun to improve and is now 20/200! Kensington’s parents said, “If KidSight had not come in and provided what is a very simpl
e easy eye test to Kensi, she would have lost all ability to see out of her one side and we would have never caught it.”
Kensington never complained about having a vision problem – but was going blind in one eye. Often, young children do not know they have a vision problem because it is how they’ve always seen. KidSight provides vision screenings at local preschools to ensure the early detection of pediatric vision problems. You can support KidSight screenings in your community by making a donation, today. Every $8 donated supports a vision screening and follow-up for a Missouri child. Donate today: