Early detection is the key to preventing vision loss due to amblyopia and other sight-stealing conditions. The earlier these conditions can be diagnosed, the sooner a child can receive the treatment they need to restore vision. 

At only seven months old, Natalea, received a free vision screening from the KidSight at her daycare. When her mother, Amanda, received the screening results, she was devastated. Natalea received a referral for farsightedness in both eyes. While Natalea never displayed any signs of a vision problem, her family was all too familiar with the condition. At 16 months old, Natalea’s older brother was diagnosed with both farsightedness and amblyopia (a.k.a. lazy eye). He underwent surgery after glasses and patching failed to correct the conditions. Although it was difficult for Amanda to accept the referral, she took Natalea to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for a full dilated exam. The exam found that Natalea she was extremely farsighted and required an eyeglass prescription of +8.50 for each eye.

While the news was shocking, Natalea’s condition was caught early enough that with eyeglasses and treatment, her vision can be preserved and she can likely avoid surgery in the future. Her mother said, “I am so thankful you came to our daycare. Without your screening, we would have been in the same boat with Natalea as we were with her brother. We had no clues there was a problem, and if we had waited any longer, her eyes could have been crossed or she would have permanent eye damage. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone.” 

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