Our screening team from Hermann, MO has screened over 2,000 children since 2019. In the last year, “Team Hermann” has provided KidSight screenings for kids in SEVEN Missouri counties! We asked them why they choose to screen with KidSight and this is what they said:

“KidSight vision screening was introduced to our Lions Club by Lion Ernestine Mueller who heard a presentation at the State Lions convention. She knows as an educator the importance of early detection of eye sight issues in children. Thus began the Hermann Lions Team of vision screeners.  We currently have two vision screeners, Lion Judy LeBrell and Lion DeAnn Els with four assistants, Lion Steve LeBrell, Lion Ernestine Mueller, Lion Marilyn Stemmermann and Lion Angela Dodorico. With occasional back up Lion Mark Schaeperkoetter and Lion Audrey Freitag.

Shortly after the Hermann Team was in training, their leader Lion Judy LeBrell experience the temporary loss of sight in one eye. Judy always knew the importance of good vision, but that experience really brought it home. With the wearing of a special contact lens, she now has her vision back so she really appreciates the advancement of technology.  No matter how many hours are spent doing vision screenings, Judy always gets back more than her time spent. To her it is heart warming to know you have helped someone else.  

One of our assistants, Lion Marilyn Stemmer volunteered for KidSight at first because it sounded like a great organization. She says she always knew the importance of good vision, but realizes now the importance of early detection after assisting on a few visits. 

Our newest assistant, Lion Angela Dodorico chose to volunteer to help support the current hard working volunteers on the Hermann Team as well as enable young children to succeed as they are beginning their educational journey. She too has a family member who is visually impaired and has empathy for those who live with these struggles every day.

Recently we received a thank you from a first and third grader who was a referral during one of our screening visits. The 1st grader vision was very bad and she was falling behind already in school.  With the combination efforts of the school nurse reaching out to a grandparent to get the parents’ permission signatures, the social worker driving the children to local optometrist and the Hermann Lions purchasing both pair of glasses, the little girl and boy were all smiles with their new glasses when the optometrist delivered them to the school. They wear their glasses daily with smiles!  This is the joy of our efforts!”

We are so thankful to Team Hermann and all of our volunteers who serve to make an impact in the lives of Missouri children. Like us on Facebook to learn more about our teams and the work that they’re doing across the state!