The Impact of Becky Henderson

Becky Henderson and her late husband, Wayne, played a key role in the creation of the children’s vision screening program that is now known as KidSight. After Wayne passed away, Becky continued as a fervent volunteer in the program.

For over two decades, Becky dedicated her time, resources, and talent to ensure that children in the St. Louis area received a sight-saving KidSight screening. At each screening, Becky would introduce the children to her camera, “Clarence,” that she named to honor Wayne. We have continued this tradition of naming each of our photoscreeners to recognize and honor those that have been vital to our mission.

The impact of Becky’s volunteerism within her community has been profound. During her time as a KidSight volunteer screener, she provided over 50,000 vision screenings. Without her tireless work and dedication, we could not have reached the thousands of children with undiagnosed vision conditions who otherwise would never receive a vision screening or exam.  These children might have spent a lifetime suffering from irreversible vision loss, which would have impacted their ability to succeed in school.

When she was not screening, she was advocating for the program. She spoke to other community groups, schools, and Lions Clubs about KidSight to engage them in support and volunteerism. Becky truly lives according to the calling “where there is a need, there is a Lion.”

KidSight recently applied for and was awarded grant funding from the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). These funds will allow us to purchase additional screening equipment to continue the work that Wayne and Becky started in 1995. While we realize that we could never fully express our gratitude, we are thrilled to take this opportunity to recognize Becky’s dedication to KidSight and our mission. The newest camera that is being purchased in partnership with the MD26-M2 Lions District will be named “Becky.” KidSight is seeking new volunteer screeners to serve children in the St. Louis area and continue Becky’s impact.

Help us Continue the Impact

You can be a part of the impact that Becky and Wayne Henderson started by serving your community as a KidSight volunteer! If you are interested in learning more about our open volunteer positions or about how you can get involved with KidSight, click the button below!